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  • Drawing and Loss

    Drawing and Loss

    “Drawing as the loss of all the non-expressed“ So happy to participate with the article “Drawing process and loss and lost time” at TRACEY Journal | ISSN: 1742-3570 | Drawing and Loss 2022 | Volume 16 | Issue 1 | ojs.lboro.ac.uk/TRACEY Please find the hole article here and some favorite extracts above: Drawing and loss…

  • #claustrophobias #κλειστοφοβίες & #κλειστομυθίες

    Θυμάσαι την άνοιξη όταν μας έκλεισαν; Remember last spring when they got us closed in? Λες να μας κλείσουν πάλι μέσα; Do you think they will get us closed in again? Τελικά μας έκλεισαν μέσα. Eventually, they got us closed in. Κλειστήκαμε. We got closed in. Συνήθως λέγαμε κλείστηκε σε μοναστήρι, κλείστηκε στο σπίτι για…

  • betray & feeling betrayed

    between feeling betrayed and betray someone you love failed to comply with heightened expectations   feeling of being trapped unable to speak trapped in words certainly not an optimal experience “What makes a life worth living?”