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“Drawing as the loss of all the non-expressed

So happy to participate with the article “Drawing process and loss and lost time” at TRACEY Journal | ISSN: 1742-3570 | Drawing and Loss 2022 | Volume 16 | Issue 1 |

Please find the hole article here and some favorite extracts above:

Drawing and loss can be approached in many ways. Loss, as an expression of a feeling, memory of a loss or literally the loss of a member that is missing, can be a configurational issue or object to configurate. Loss of vision can also be part of an antiocularcentric approach and critique (Jay, 1993).


In these cases, loss is perceived more as an unfinished image or as an image of the invisible. Lack of detail in representation, in comparison with a photographic or realistic approach, has lost something of the referential object. Or, when loss itself is the referential object, then loss is the formative force to present what cannot be presented.

In this article, we investigate drawing and loss from the process point of view. During drawing as action, an inner experience (Dewey, 2005 and Bataille, 2014) and behavior often require loss of one’s certainties, control, bias and final scopes.


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