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  • an obligation?

    Sometimes we need to get lost, or (it happens that) we get lost because of fatigue. Since the last text on this blog I have been lost in many places. So here are some of the best references I came across lately. They turned around image, time, the “eye” and the “capital”, fatigue and excess […]

  • #1 curso Imprográfika online!

      Imprográfika y Anthokosmos empiezan su primer curso online. #Dibujar#Escribir#Leer EL CUERPO EN EL APARECER DE LA IMAGEN. LABORATORIO DE DIBUJAR Y ESCRIBIR en el TALLER MULTINACIONAL  AULA VIRTUAL, CURSO ONLINE, CURSOS DICIEMBRE2015, OFERTA EDUCATIVA En el laboratorio de dibujar y escribir se experimenta el aparecer de las imágenes a nivel práctico y teórico a través de imágenes gráficas […]

  • Poetry&Paint: Memory – out now!

    Poetry&Paint: Memory – out now!.  Poetry&Paint: Memory is out now. This edition features Sophie Chei, Jan See King, Dean Atta, Ethan Taylor, Matthew Dickerson, Jackie Biggs, Eloise Govier, Charles Bane Jr, Keir Yansen, Louise Saunders and Anthokosmos (imprografika). You can buy a copy of the full-colour edition for £10.99, by clicking here. Remember you can also get the cheaper monochrome […]

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