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  • Anthologies|Ανθολόγια #drawing #flora #gardens

    Anthologies|Ανθολόγια #drawing #flora #gardens

    “Μια μέρα ένιωσα μια βαθιά λαχτάρα, και επιπλέον μια έντονη ανάγκη να βρίσκομαι κοντά στη γη. Un día me sentí una profunda añoranza, e incluso una aguda necesidad de estar cerca de la tierra. Έτσι αποφάσισα να ασχολούμαι καθημερινά με τον κήπο. [1]   Así que tomé la resolución de practicar a diario la jardinería.”…

  • Remote working, Zoom and depression #Byung-Chul Han

    Remote working, Zoom and depression #Byung-Chul Han

    Byung-Chul Han says we are self-exploiting ourselves more than ever [reblogged] The coronavirus crisis has exacerbated many of the ills of our time. Videoconferences do not provide the same connection as human contact while rituals and community have disappeared. In this essay, the South Korean-born philosopher suggests the pandemic could provide an opportunity to radically…