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This is a large blog post with almost 50 photos and drawings of Miren Konkuera  

Miren´s home place or Miren´s “home” place. Enjoy it.

“The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

Miren Korkuera Iturbe 2017 15726572_10154649641405673_934182184528538343_nMiren Korkuera Iturbe 2017 b7db5b60-ebba-4c28-9c5b-c135e48802ba

Miren Korkuera Iturbe 2017 5abb975a-fbe9-4895-8715-28b9c00b9848

Miren Korkuera Iturbe 2017 0eec41a0-5e8d-434b-a95d-4e8debb1ae0bMiren Korkuera Iturbe 2017 82f4a5ba-797a-47fe-aafe-85f23cd9aac8

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by miren korkuera iturbe


Following the same logic, the collection is named Leaves of Grass. The title not only affirms the poetic thesis that governs it: all things are equal because the most infinitesimal contains the universe: “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars.”

Charles Eliot Norton, Whitman´s Leaves of Grass 1855  at Aisthesis of Jacques Ranciere p.7

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