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  • #2 LOCAL ON making memories

    Imágenes para el cartel de la expo #2 LOCAL ON making memories en el jardín del museo arqueológico de Esparta. Sólo las hojas de las plantas y el canto de los pájaros consiguen escapar del peso del pasado en esta maldita ciudad situada al extremo de Europa. En un país que busca en vano llegar al grado cero,…

  • a clickable image

    an interactive image for the 1# exhibition “LOCAL ON, making art”

  • knit co!!age

    reblog from http://spazio-msk.livejournal.com/114075.html Knitted design by Sarah Applebaum. She does not knit; knitted items are founded at markets and embellish them all around. Take the example! This is a post about one of our favorite themes, the art of collage. Collage: An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color. A work composed of both borrowed and original material.

  • Local On-Making Art, the unofficial posters

    This poster is made by !mprografika & anthokosmos for the 1st crafter’s exhibition in Sparti called “Local On, Making Art”.  But we would also like to present you some of the“unofficial posters” found during the process of drawing. So here they are, the posters who we really love: #1 FAQ /*/*Ποιος παίρνει μέρος σε αυτή την έκθεση; Κάθε ονειροπόλος,…