CreatiBe Oracle: Mapping our Journey #New_Year_Creative_Party #Online 29.12.21

CreatiBe Oracle: Mapping our Journey

#New_Year_Creative_Party #Online

with Beatriz Acevedo

Wednesday 29.12.21 >>16:00 UK, 17:00 Madrid, 18:00 Athens, 11:00 Colombia

You are cordially invited to:

Take time to reflect about this challenging year is the purpose of this drawing workshop. 

Maps are useful tools to see where we are, where we come from and where we want to go. 

They come in all sort of shapes and forms:  timelines, maps of the heart, city plans, brain-maps and mind maps. 

In this workshop we offer a small introduction to the key elements of maps and hand drawn map-making in order to encourage participants to reflect and make sense of our personal professional or emotional journeys and appreciate how much we have achieved, how far we’ve come and to start thinking ahead.

What to bring

Drawing materials, pens, paper, scissors, collage material, glue and also desires, dreams, smiles and tears.

If you have time, go through your agendas or diaries and list some of the main events in the year.

What’s the point

  • To create a safe space for reflecting about our journey during this year.
  • To offer some easy to apply tools about map making useful for professional and personal development.
  • To enjoy a moment of sharing with like-minded people.


Beatriz Acevedo, also known as CreatiBe Oracle is a Colombian artist-educator living in the UK. Her life-purpose is to rekindle the creative talents of individuals, organizations and communities and empower them to changes and sustainable transformations. Beatriz is a National Teaching Fellow in the UK, and has extensive experience in teaching, as well as engaging her own artistic practice and passion for drawing. This workshop is part of her CreatiBe Parties series.

Beatriz Acevedo Artist and Educator

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