Friday, 1st of May__ 8-10 (CTE+2)
we aim to – via drawing, a natural and common language –
escape to nature, the thing we miss the most during quarantine time.
Let’s escape through drawing to lands and prairies and visit our own LAND[e]SCAPES.
It’s a pleasure to have with us the artist Kostas Yaxoglou to water our feelings to the rhythm of the best jazz music.
Please bring some basic markers and a glass of yourself.

Land[e]escape-Collage Colectivo 180 






2 responses to “LAND[e]SCAPES”

  1. carolinaverd avatar

    Thank you for this amazing experience! One of the best during the lockdown, a drawing party.

  2. imprografika avatar

    Thank you Carolina Musa!!!!

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