Fool Moon #film #painting

So happy for this full “fool moon”. Artwork: Anthokosmos

Fool Moon
(Nikos Vittis)

Skies in dark dress
paint on my canvas my locked distress
Grown by your absence and the loneliness
I feel

And the Moon like a white rose
in the sky rose again
and then I see your face mirrored
on the moon’s disc, smiling shyly…

But, suddenly
drops of rain blurred the view of you
Tears for the dying hope of seeing you

So please stop, stop the rain
break the chain of events
and do please stop, stop the rain
of washing out love

‘Cause I can’t stand the loss of expectation
A moon struck fool, a moonlit love confession
A full moon, a distant love sensation

I cry for the moon
While sensing the loss I fall into a swoon
The words belong to a moonless tune
for you

But I can’t stop Mooning over moon
that makes me think of you
and like a drop in the ocean I will perish
like my hopes and my sworn love

C’est la vie…

Mato Grosso – Fool Moon (Official Video) listen and/or buy our music:……

Director: Dimitra Gkionte // Camera: Dimitra Gkionte, Nikos Vittis // Editing: Nikos Vittis, Dimitra Gkionte // Color Correction: Dimitra Gkionte // Atelier (space) provided by Aliki Pappa and Nikos Sepetzoglou

You can find out the drawing of the video here

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