D[inner]rawing workshop was held at Loughborough University. Around a table, a “dinner” was formed to investigate embodied drawing or drawing as an inner experience. See the instant journal and some impressions of the dinner here: https://issuu.com/home/published/d_inner_rawing

12th July 2019 DRN 2019 Conference:

Embodied Drawing TRACEYDrawing Research Network

Conveners: Drawing Research Group, Loughborough University

Workshop & Editor: Anthi Kosma

Contributors: Kiera o´Toole, https://www.kieraotooleartist.com/ Jane Cook, jane.j.e.cook@lboro.ac.uk / Garry Barker, http://garrybarkeronline.com/ Justine Mos. /Joanna Leah, J.Leah@leedsbeckett.ac.uk /Charlotte Sabine, sabine@sabinekussmaul.com /Anthi Kosma, https://www.anthikosma.com/ Daniel


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