Octavi Rofes_Beyond the invisible

Yesterday, I received this lovely catalogue.


Exposition: “Jo Milne. I don’t make predictions, only excuses“. Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona 15/09 – 18/12/2016

Text: Beyond the invisible: Painting and the estrangement of visualization in Jo Milne’s Art”  _ by Octavi Rofes 

On drawing, images, scientific and artistic representations. Between familiarity and desfamiliarization and other research methodologies. Exposition and text are both strongly recommended.


[..] It is not however, about retracing the path of a linear process to describe a “production line” of artistic objects, so much as about detecting the ruptures, the misunderstandings and changes in meaning propitiated by the emergence of elements differentiating from traditional conventions. 


[..] From here we understand a second essential point in the distinction which Milne estabes between the scientific and the artistic image: the former uses perduasive “falsehoods” to attain an increased degree of familiarity, whereas artistic echantments is, in constrast, a product of defamiliarization. 


[..] Milne suggests distinguishing the sciences inscriptions are produced of actions that are made material to become instruments of persuasion, the indexes of artistic intention give rise to material agents of enchantment. 


more about Jo Milne here


Very kind of you, Octavi Rofes. 

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