Drawing, access to new realities.

This post is by Guillermo Corella Dekker, a unique dreamer and designer. I had the pleasure of meeting him many years ago somewhere between lines, colours and feelings. In this post he tell us how drawing is not a clear division between realities but something else.


Since the times of the Renaissance and the invention of the perspective drawing, people has understood drawing as a 2D representation (or imitation) of the 3D world. The drawings became the illusions of a reality, a sort of a dream, a real dream.

In the search for perfection, drawings became year after year more realistic, an improved copy of the reality. Reaching a point when we even started creating maps, which are the most powerful 2D representations of a 3D reality, no abstraction or subjectivity is allowed.

During this process we lost the intend of provocation or trance that surrounded the drawings of the ancient men in the caves or in the churches…Now it seems that we cannot do anything without mapping it, as we see in the map bellow, we even draw our running sessions.

ciudad Miami running records (unknown author)

But what is the goal of a drawing? Is…

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  1. Maps and a power grid superimposed. Beautifully done. Feels like something is disappearing. Really enjoy this drawing. And love this phrase: provocation or trance. Those words feel electric. Thanks for this posting.

  2. Thank you Steven! I also love that he is going beyone “logical” divisions, “together with provocation” 😉

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