an obligation?

Sometimes we need to get lost, or (it happens that) we get lost because of fatigue. Since the last text on this blog I have been lost in many places. So here are some of the best references I came across lately.

They turned around image, time, the “eye” and the “capital”, fatigue and excess positivity. In other words, among others, they basically turn around the work of Byung-Chul Han.We have already mentioned his work in other posts  but these days I came across other works of his.

By clicking on the above images, you can also see some videos of Isabella Gresser. The first one is about him and the others are comments on image and the eye nowadays. Finally, I find the book “Ojos y capital” [eyes & capital] of Remedios Zafra. 

I hope you enjoy them. This post is probably another “obligation” I assign to myself.

Contemporary masochism and love for exposure, or feeling happy to share it with you? Unanswered questions.

Mudigkeitsgesellschaft – Byung – Ghul Han in Seoul/Berlin | Isabella Gresser

We no longer live on a disciplinary society controlled by prohibitions or commands but rather in an achievement oriented society that is allegedly free determined by the call of “yes we can”.

But this empowerment only initially creates a feeling of freedom, soon more compulsions are generated than with “you should”.

Yes, we presume ourselves to be free, but in reality voluntarily and passionately exploit ourselves until we collapse.

From this paradox situation, I would like to draw a radical conclusion that the project of freedom so distinctive of Western civilization has failed.

The excess of individual freedom proves to be an excess of the capital.

Buyng-Chul Han

Iris 2.0 | Isabella Gresser |2015

Han, Byung-Chul. La sociedad del cansancio. Herder, 2012.


Smart Seoul Poem | Isabella Gresser

Remedios Zafra

” El mundo entonces nos envolverá, nos envluelve, en la posibilidad percibida como necesidad de estar conectados y alimentar el excedente de cosas prescindibles que nos entretienen t obligan. [..] Y si bien cabe la posibilidad de que sea “atención” que a menudo añoramos sea ya cosa de un pasado sin pantallas sí podría inspirar nuevas formas de concentración, de ser necesario con sus ¨nuevas palabras¨que ayuden a crear condiciones de conciencia para un sujeto abrumado por el ver.”

Remedios Fazra.

translation “your translator”

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