Instant Journal #PhDbydesign

PHDThis journal is an experiment in how knowledge generated through an event can be disseminated instantly. This document brings together materials produced during a PhD by Design conference at Goldsmiths, University of London on the 5th and 6th November 2015. This day explored how practice-based design PhD students research across difference within their work.

You can find anthokosmo’s notes at page 15.

The aim of of this two day conference – which brought together over
60 design researchers from 37 different institutions in 16 countries
– was to vocalise, discuss and work through the tensions, dilemmas
but also sparks of inspiration and potentials generated by working
across difference.

How to frame design practice for purposes of knowledge production
within an academic context?

What happens when design researchers start to radically work across
categories such as class, race and ability?

Where does it take us when design researchers start to decenter humanist
perspectives and approach?

Why is the process of working across different set of values that stakeholders
bring to a research project so messy?

These were some of the concerns that in a diverse set of frames were
grappled with over two days in order to generate knowledge on
what it means to research across difference in terms of diversity of
fields, languages, institutional boundaries, modes of enquiry, genders,
abilities, countries, communities, audiences and interests.
Through this Instant Journal, produced on the second day of the
conference and with a time limit of approximately one hour, we
want to circulate some of the main focus points that emerged for the
conference participants – raw, messy but hopefully yet productive
within the wider design research community.
To enjoy, circulate, argue back, take further.
Maria Portugal, Alison Thomson, Bianca Elzenbaumer

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