Meetings on a line-trip

Clara San Millan Santander

With Clara we met by doing things, of course, by drawing. It can be said that our relationship is rooted in practice and in particular in the courses of Free Drawing of the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM). With Clara we repeated, neither for credits nor for any other academic obligation but driven by pure passion and pleasure, the same classes for more than two years -somewhere between 2008 and 2011- .

Clara San Millan DosDE

What connects us now is memories of a once a week corporeal engagement with the world of drawing and, of course, a mutual respect. This embodied experience and practice on the imaginary of drawing was part of a number of experimental sessions organized by a passionate professor, Antonio Verd who had managed to transform his courses into a territory of free expression.

Clara San Millan Buenos Aires
Clara San Millan

When I met Clara by chance two years ago in a café in Santa Isabel Street she told me she was living in Denmark. Luckily I met her again accidentally some days ago, thanks to the social media. Now Clara lives and works in Switzerland but this time Clara declares that “she is getting deeper into drawing” and that “drawing occupies each time more of her life”. She sent me a link of her personal webpage. There, I found a collection of line drawings, an amazing hand drawn dairy with interpretations of everyday life, trips and other experiences of hers.

These drawings were less expressive or more descriptive from those of the old days but to my surprise I found them very decisive, as if this is only the beginning of a big series.

You can find her work at and here.

Clara San Millan Porcelana China Porcelana Fina


It´s great to meet you again in this line-trip, Clara!



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