IFAC _ Diples 3D Drawing

Everything started two years ago, on a summer day in a Greek village.

I was standing next to my mother and grandmother watching them preparing the dough for a classic greek sweet called “Diples”. At that time, I realized that the elastic dough used for the sweet, when divided into long stripes, could be a nice material to experiment with.

The rest of the story on experimenting by drawing with the “Diples” dough is going to be found out soon this summer at the IFAC 2015 International Festival of Art and Construction, in Bergen-Netherlands.

Diples-3D-Drawing-the-process-Imprografika-IFAC 2015

Workshop 16 _Diples 3D Drawing


For the IFAC2015 edition a big 3D Drawing made of lines of organic autochthonous materials is proposed. This big Draw is the combination of = a classic Greek sweet called “Diples” + the art of drawing in large scale. Diples (THEE-ples) get their name from the Greek word for “fold.” The 3D drawing of “diples” is made of long sheets of thin crust dough. Dough lines can be drawn on wooden frames and sticks but they can also be self-supporting structures. The rolled dough is about 2 to 4mm thick, 1 to 15 cm width and more than 1m length. It is a collective work, a collage of different ways of tracing with dough.


The main objective of the workshop is to practice creativity though the act of drawing with different materials producing unpredictable forms. During the workshop contemporary definitions and references about drawing will be presented. During the process of drawing as an exploration a number of creative techniques will be presented. Diples 3d Drawing is a collective artwork which will try to enforce the spirt of collectivity creating an atmospheric installation made of an organic eatable material.



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