Poetry&Paint: Memory – out now!


Poetry&Paint: Memory – out now!.

 Poetry&Paint: Memory is out now. This edition features Sophie Chei, Jan See King, Dean Atta, Ethan Taylor, Matthew Dickerson, Jackie Biggs, Eloise Govier, Charles Bane Jr, Keir Yansen, Louise Saunders and Anthokosmos (imprografika).

You can buy a copy of the full-colour edition for £10.99, by clicking hereRemember you can also get the cheaper monochrome option for just £4.99, and the digital version for £1.99.

Have a read and get inspired for the next theme, on the opposite end of the spectrum… Future.

anthokosmos paint and memory 2015
“Beyond the Image”_2 images & 1 poem





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