ceci n’est pas encore une etàge


The enigmatic Alfonso Perez Lopez is back (although he has never been gone) with new drawing attempts.

  “drawing/design must be understood as engaging a rhythm, setting in play a beat, a differentiation, displacements, folds, and connections of the indistinct, of what is simply alwyas itself [simplementégal-a-soi]”

Jean-Luc Nancy, Pleasure of Relation at the Pleasure in Drawing(2013)

“Star Architects” have no place in this blog, but images reveal memories of other images that let us find out among the Confronding images (Didi Huberman)   lines of fracture, contradictions and tensions, energies of magic, empathy, totemism, and animism (Aby Warburg).

Libeskind Micromegas


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