Traffic jams ?


Suffer traffic jams every day? You often got stuck in traffic jam when you “circulate” on a blank page or your screen or do you have troubles when you study or sketch traffic congestion and road traffic flow in your projects? Literal o metaphorical two very original and extremely different approaches are presented: Traffic made of lines by Eva de Miguel and Dr. No’s or Doctors No’s traffic simulator! One image-one poster, one simulator-one video, two worlds and one metaphor, enjoy them:

Roadrunner 3 Urban Systems from Doctores No on Vimeo.

traffic simullator


 Eva Miguel works at ¨ME¨ //Mirco+Eva=ME or for us also EM=Eva+Mirco// and is the “heart” of !mprográfika.

EVA'S TRAFFICO EVOLUCION tumblr_n6v81bbVR51tcjd8fo1_1280

Nowadays in Greek public transport is called “μεταφορικά μέσα” (metaphoric transport). The English metaphor derives from the 16th-century Old French métaphore, which comes from the Latin metaphora, “carrying over”, in turn from the Greek μεταφορά (metaphorá), “transfer”, from μεταφέρω (metapherō), “to carry over”, “to transfer” and that from μετά (meta), “after, with, across” + φέρω (pherō), “to bear”, “to carry”.  [wikipedia] 

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