“Me” and !mprográfika

    • Resonancias is a workshop of experimental drawing lead by Imprografika collective in February 2014 at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid.
      The term resonance refers to a set of phenomena produced when a particle capable of vibrating is subjected to a periodic and rhythmic movement.
      The course intended to unlock the creative potential of participants by combining both traditional and digital painting through the systematic repetition of basic procedures. Particular emphasis was given to drawing as discovery and to the multiple possibilities of the outcomes.
      To promote the event we released a series of limited-edition posters based on the original premises of the workshop. By using repeatedly basic visual elements, such us typography and mark signs, we created a visual identity that is able to generate infinite and unexpected possibilities. The pieces produced didn’t just serve to promote the course but were also used during the sessions to extend the contagious rhythm of unexpected actions.

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