Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace – About the Exhibition – Victoria and Albert Museum

Na Kim

‘Go wander creature where sign guides.
Go measure earth, weigh air and state the tides
Instruct the planets in what orbs to run
Memorise old time and regulate the sun’.

Na Kim worked in response to a jumbled memory fragment outlining the laws of entropy. She created a large advertising billboard filled with abstract graphic symbols of organising tools that references a sentence where mankind is instructed to measure the earth.

Kim is a graphic designer based in Seoul. She participated to Werkplaats Typografie in the Netherlands between 2006 and 2008. She works predominantly with cultural and editorial clients, creating playful and colourful design and print. Besides many other projects, she initiated magazine project, ‘umool umool’ and was responsible for concept and design of GRAPHIC magazine. She was a curator for Brno Biennale, Chaumont Festival, Seoul Typo Biennale and took part in numerous international exhibitions including Millennium Magazines at MoMA in 2012 and Graphic Design Worlds at the Milan Triennale Museum in 2011.

© Na Kim, 2013


via Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace – About the Exhibition – Victoria and Albert Museum.

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